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Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC.

Consignment Agreement.

How it works:

Midcoast Sports Exchange is a consignment store that specializes in finding new homes for gently used outdoor gear and attire. Simply gather up your gear and attire, make sure it is clean, then bring it in to MSE. We will take it from there. MSE will create your account, inspect / log your items, and ask you for pricing recommendations. Your items will then be placed in inventory, and moved to the sales floor for someone to purchase and enjoy.

Preparing your gear:

  • Ask yourself, "Would I loan this item to a friend?" If “yes”, keep going.

  • All items must be clean with no pet hair, stains or rips.

  • All clothing / sleeping bags must be washed within 2-3 weeks of bringing to MSE.

  • Please be sure to run your gear through a wash cycle, even if you think it's clean.

  • All Items must be in very good or better, gently used condition and should be ready to use with all parts and pieces included and no repairs needed.

Bring in that gear:

  • 10 items or less: No Appointment needed, come on in!

  • More than 10 items: Please just call the shop to let us know you are coming.

  • When possible, place items in a plastic tote with any special instructions.

  • Larger or more technical gear: Please call ahead if you can just to make sure we will have time to chat. Please plan on setting the item up and providing a demo.


  • Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC reserves the right to determine the sale price of all accepted items, however, your price suggestions are valuable to us!

  • We price items at 45-60% off the most recent retail price, depending on available inventory and condition of the item.

  • MSE reserves the right to discount items during promotional sale periods, or place items on clearance at any time.

Distribution of funds:

  • Consignment payout checks will be available for pickup on Thursdays. Checks must be requested by end of business Tuesday of the same week for them to be available during business hours Thursday.

  • Store credit is available at any time.

  • We can mail checks upon request for a $2.50 processing fee.

  • After 12 months all uncollected funds will be transferred to store credit. After 24 months of account inactivity, all funds will be forfeited and the account will be closed.

Consignment Payout Rates:

  • Items $0 to $499: 45% Consigner / 55% MSE

  • Items $500 to $999: 55% Consigner / 45% MSE

  • Items Over $1000: Let's chat.

End of Consignment / Unsold items:

  • All accepted items will be displayed for 90 days.

  • After 90 days, the consigner has 10 days to call Midcoast Sports Exchange and arrange a time to pick up any unsold items.

  • Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC will NOT be contacting the consigner. Feel free to contact us anytime during business hours to check the status of your items.

  • Any unsold items NOT retrieved within 10 days after the consignment period become the sole property of Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC.

  • Feel free to call anytime to check on your items or available credit.

General Items:

  • Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC is not responsible for the of loss of any consigned goods from whatever cause, including fire, theft, water damage, spoilage or physical damage from handling or storage, including loss arising from the negligence of the Company.

  • Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC deals in used sporting equipment. By purchasing, you acknowledge and agree that the gear and/or clothing you have purchased is being sold AS IS, and that Midcoast Sports Exchange LLC makes no warranties implied or expressed of any kind with regard to the equipment, its condition, or its fitness for any particular purpose. All sales are final, and no returns will be accepted.

  • Thank you for your business!

Hours: Sunday / Monday - Available by appointment

Tuesday-Friday 11 AM to 6 PM Thursdays till 7 PM

Saturday 9 AM to 4 PM

Consignment Agreement